Beant S. Gill, MD

  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology
  • Physician and Medical Director, Heritage Valley Radiation Oncology in Partnership with UPMC CancerCenter, Beaver, PA

I am a practicing radiation oncologist at UPMC/HVHS CancerCenter in Beaver, PA. I remain actively involved in resident and medical student teaching, participating in weekly conferences and facilitating in research endeavors. My research interests include population- and hospital-based registry analyses for evaluation of national practice patterns, advanced brachytherapy techniques for gynecologic malignancies, and quality of life and cost-effectiveness analyses in cancer management.

Teaching Activities

  • Mentorship to rising medical students and radiation oncology residents
  • Statistics review course for radiation oncology residents


Representative Publications

He S, Gill BS, Heron DE, Kelley JL, Sukumvanich P, Olawaiye AB, Edwards RP, Comerci J, Beriwal S. Long-term outcomes using adjuvant pelvic intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) for endometrial carcinoma. Pract Radiat Oncol [Epub ahead of press].

Kim H, Gill BS, Beriwal S, Huq MS, Roberts MS, Smith KJ. Cost effectiveness analysis of stereotactic body radiation therapy compared with radiofrequency ablation for inoperable colorectal liver metastases. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2016;95(4):1175-1183.

Glaser SM, Mandish SF, Gill BS, Balasubramani GK, Clump DA, Beriwal S. Anaplastic thyroid cancer: Prognostic factors, patterns of care, and overall survival. Head Neck 2016;38(S1):E2083-2090.

Man KX, Gill BS, Balasubramani GK, Sukumvanich P, Kelley JL, Beriwal S. Utilization and role of adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy for uterine clear cell carcinoma: A National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) analysis. Int J Gynecol Cancer 2016;26(3):472-482.

Gill BS, Minkoff DA, Beriwal S. Current concepts in radiation therapy for early stage endometrial cancer. Indian J Gynecol Oncol 2015;13(17).

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Gill BS, Vargo JA, Pai SS, Balasubramani GK, Beriwal S. Management trends and outcomes for stage I-II mantle cell lymphoma using the National Cancer Data Base (NCDB): Ascertaining the ideal treatment paradigm. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2015; 93(3):668-676.

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Gill BS, Bernard ME, Lin JF, Balasubramani GK, Rajagopalan MS, Sukumvanich P, Krivak TC, Olawaiye AB, Kelley JL, Beriwal S. Impact of adjuvant chemotherapy with radiation for node-positive vulvar cancer: A National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) analysis. Gynecol Oncol 2015;137(3):365-372.

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Gill BS, Kim H, Houser C, Olsen A, Kelley J, Edwards RP, Comerci J, Sukumvanich P, Olawaiye AB, Huang M, Courtney-Brooks M, Beriwal S. Image-based three-dimensional conformal brachytherapy for medically inoperable endometrial carcinoma. Brachytherapy 2014;13(6):542-547.

Gabani P, Gill BS, De La Cruz C, Beriwal S. Diffuse chest wall calcifications after post mastectomy radiotherapy for breast cancer. Applied Radiat Oncol 2014.

Research Interests

My ongoing research endeavors include a book chapter reviewing the utility, technique, and side effects of stereotactic radiosurgery for prostate cancer. Other projects include evaluation of practice patterns in the United States for patients with leg-type primary cutaneous B-cell lymphoma, where we utilized the National Cancer Data Base. In this hospital-based registry analysis, patients were infrequently treated with chemotherapy, despite poor outcomes related to a high risk of disease progression. Furthermore,patients receiving chemotherapy had superior survival, suggesting a benefit to selective use in this elderly patient population with this aggressive disease. In a separate project assessing the utility of IMRT for adjuvant endometrial cancer treatment, we analyzed our institutional registry and collected data on outcomes and long-term toxicities. Low rates of toxicity were found among the large cohort of patients with similarly low rates of recurrence, assuaging concerns about conformal treatment leading to higher rates of the latter. A separate analysis was conducted for dosimetry analysis, showing a correlation with higher bone dose and the risk of sacral insufficiency fractures. Both analyses are pending manuscript submission.