Edward D. Brandner, PhD, DABR

  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology
  • Medical Physicist, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

I support external beam radiotherapy, HDR, and LDR. 4DCT and gated radiotherapy are specialties of mine, and I broadly support these for UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. I serve as the radiation safety officer for the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center at Arnold Palmer Pavilion, and I serve as a member of the radiation safety committee at Excela Health. I represent medical physics on various ARIA committees regarding the hardware and software used for electronic medical records and treatment planning for UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.

Representative Publications

Y Zhang, E Brandner, C Ozhasoglu, R Lalonde, D Heron, MS Huq, A Three-Dimensional Correction Method for Predicting the Readings of a Pinpoint Chamber on the CyberKnife® M6™ Machine. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2018 63 045010

E Brandner, I Chetty, T Giaddui, Y Xiao, MS Huq, Motion Management Strategies and Technical Issues Associated with Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy of Thoracic and Upper Abdominal Tumors: A Review from NRG Oncology. Medical Physics, 2017 44 (6); 2595-2612.