Jong Oh Kim, PhD, DABR

  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology
  • Medical Physicist, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

I provide clinical physics services in the areas of Gamma Knife radiosurgery at UPMC Presbyterian as a full-time physicist and external beam radiation therapy and brachytherapy at UPMC Passavant as a part-time physicist for the routine physics works and Monthly QAs for a treatment machine, a CT, and treatment planning system. My research has focused on patient motion study during the Gamma Knife. In addition, I continue my interest in verification using Monte Carlo simulation of radiation therapy and portal imaging technique.

Teaching Activities:

  • Teaching Gamma Knife Machine Calibration and QA in Gamma Knife Course
  • Teaching Gamma Physics Residents about Gamma Knife Physics and Machine QA

Representative Publications

Yeo I, Xu Q, Chen Y, Jung JW, Kim JO. Clinical Application of Dose Reconstruction Based on Full-Scope Monte Carlo Calculations: Composite Dose Reconstruction on a Deformed Phantom, Progress in Medical Physics. 2014; 25(3):139-142.

Fu Y, Kim JO, Chen SJ, Mehta K, Pucci P, Huq MS. Dosimetric experience with 2 commercially available multilumen balloon-based brachytherapy to deliver accelerated partial-breast irradiation. Med Dosim. 2014; S0958-3947(14): 195-200.

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Yoon JH, Jung JW, Kim JO, Yi BY, Yeo I. Four-dimensional dose reconstruction through in vivo phase matching of cine images of electronic portal imaging device, Med Phys. 2016; 43 (7): 4420-4430.

Han EY, Luo D, Kim JO, Tharp K, Wen Z, Briere TM. Dosimetric validation of the Gamma Knife Icon plan adaptation and high-definition motion management system with a motorized anthropomorphic head phantom, Jour. of Radiosurgery and SBRT. 2019; 6: 217-226.

Bowden GN, Kim JO, Faramand A, Fallon K, Flickinger J, Lunsford LD, Gamma Knife Clinical Dose Profile for Extensive Metastatic Brain Disease, Journal of Neurosurgery (in print)


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