Mohammed Saiful Huq, PhD, DABR, FAAPM, FInstP

  • Professor/Director of Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology

I provide oversight and supervision of the entire Medical Physics Division at UPMC CancerCenter/University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. I have performed clinical research in the areas of medical physics since 1988. During the last twenty years I have published 133 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals. I was a co-principal investigator of a few NIAID and industrial grants and have supervised over 17 postdoctoral fellows, MS level medical physicists, and dosimetry students. I served as a member of the International Advisory Board for the journal Physics in Medicine and Biology and have also served as reviewer and guest associate editor for major peer-reviewed journals in the field of medical physics. I am the founding board member of the editorial board of the Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering Express, 2015-2016.

Teaching Activities:

  • Teach radiation oncology residents, clinical medical physics residents, and postdoctoral fellows the physics of radiation therapy through didactic courses at UPMC CancerCenter. Provide consultations in the clinic.
  • Taught radiation oncology residents, clinical medical physics residents, and postdoctoral fellows the physics of radiation therapy through didactic courses at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (1990 2004). Provided consultations in the clinic.
  • Direct research activities of medical physics and radiation oncology residents.

Representative Publications

Gibbons, J.G., Antolak, J.A., Followill, D.S., Huq, M.S., Klein, E.E., Lam, K.L., Palta, J.R., Roback, D.M., Reid, M., and Khan, F.M., Monitor unit calculations for external photon and electron beams: Report of the AAPM Therapy Physics Committee Task Group No. 71, Med Phys, 41, (031501-1 – 031501-34) 2014.

Novotny Jr., J., Bhatnagar, J.P., Xu, A., and Huq, M.S., Long term stability of the Leksell Gamma KnifeR PerfectionTM, Med Phys, 41 (031711-1 – 031711-9) 2014.

Riley, C., Yang, Y., Huq, M.S., Li, T., and Heron, D.E., Dosimetric evaluation of the interplay effect in respiratory-gated RapidArc radiation therapy, Medical Physics, 41, 011715-1 – 011715-9, 2014.

Monaco III, E.A., Bhatnagar, J.P., Xu, Y., Arai, Y., Niranjan, A.J., Huq, M.S., Lunsford, D., Evaluation of tumor progression and detection of new tumors during repeat Gamma Knife® stereotactic radiosurgery utilizing the co-registration tool in Leksell Gamma Plan®: Technical Note, accepted for publication in the journal of Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery, 2014.

Xu, Y., Bhatnagar, J.P., Bednarz, G., Niranjan, A., Flickinger, J., Lunsford, L.D., and Huq, M.S., Dose differences between three dose calculations algorithms in Leksell GammaPlan, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 15 (89-99) 2014.

Michalski, D., Huq, M.S., Bednarz, G., and Heron, D.E., The use of strain tensor to estimate thoracic tumors deformation, Medical Physics, 41, 073503-1 – 073503-6, 2014.

Kim, H., Huq, M.S., Houser, C., Beriwal, S., and Michalski, D., Mapping of dose distribution from IMRT onto MRI-guided high dose rate brachytherapy using deformable registration for cervical cancer treatments: preliminary study with commercially available software, J Contemp Brachytherapy, 6, 178-184, 2014

Kalash, R., Berhane, H., Yang, Y., Epperly, M.W., Wang, H., Dixon, T., Rhieu, B., Greenberger, J.S., Huq, M.S. Improved survival of mice after total body irradiation with 10 MV photon, 2400 MU/min SRS beam, In Vivo, 28 (1-12) 2014

Kim, H., Malolan, R.S., Beriwal, S., Huq, M.S., and Smith, K.J., Cost-effectiveness analysis of 3D image-guided brachytherapy compared with 2D brachytherapy in the treatment of locally advanced cervical cancer, Brachytherapy, 14, 29-36, 2015.

Fu, W., Kim, Jong Oh, Chen, A.S.J., Mehta, K., Pucci, P., and Huq, M.S., Dosimetric experience with 2 commercially available multilumen balloon-based brachytherapy to deliver accelerated partial-breast irradiation, Medical Dosimetry, 40 (3), 195-200, 2015.

Kim, H., Malolan, R.S., Beriwal, S., Huq, M.S., and Smith, K.J., Cost-Effectiveness analysis of single fraction of stereotactic body radiotherapy compared to single fraction of external beam radiotherapy for palliation of vertebral bone metastases, Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Physics, 91,540-547 2015

Xu, Y., Bhatnagar, J.P., Bednarz, G., Niranjan, A., Kondziolka, D., Flickinger, J., Lunsford, L.D., and Huq, M.S., GammaKnife radiosurgery with CT image-based dose calculation, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 16, 119-129, 2015.

Xiao, Y.,  Kry, S.F., Popple, R., Yorke, E., Papanikolaou, N., Stathakis. S., Xia, P., Huq, M.S., Bayouth, J., Galvin, J., Yin, F., Flattening filter free accelerators: A report from the Therapy Emerging Technology Assessment Work Group, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 16, 5219, 2015.

Dickson, R., Kim, J.O., Huq, M.S., Bednarz, G., Suyama, J., Yealy, D.M., Wang, H., and Greenberger, J., A mobile alert system for preparing the delivery of radiation mitigators, in vivo, 29 (5), 505-513 (2015).

Li, T., Ozhasoglu, C., Flickinger, J., Burton, S., Heron, D.E., and Huq, M.S., A method to improve dose gradient for robotic radiosurgery, J. Appl. Clin. Med. Phys.,16 (6), 5748, 2015.

Zhao, B., Yang, Y., Li, X., Li, T., Heron, D.E., and Huq, M.S., Is high–dose rate Rapid Arc-based radiosurgery dosimetrically advantageous for the treatment of intracranial tumors?, Med. Dos., 40, 3-8, 2015.

Teixeira, F.C., Almeida de, C.E., and Huq, M.S., Failure mode and effects analysis based risk profile assessment for stereotactic radiosurgery programs at three cancer centers in Brazil, Medical Physics, 43, 171- 178, 2016.

Huq M.S., Fraass BA, Dunscombe PB, Gibbons JP Jr, Ibbott GS, Medin PM, Mundt A, Mutic S, Palta JR, Thomadsen BR, Williamson JF, Yorke ED. The report of Task Group 100 of the AAPM: Application of Risk Analysis Methods to Radiation Therapy Quality Management; Approved by AAPM; Medical Physics, 43, 4209-4262, 2016.

Xu, A (Y). Bhatnagar, J.P., Bednarz, G., Novotny, J.P., Flickinger, J., Lunsford, L.D., and Huq, M.S., Two year experience with the commercial GammaKnife check software, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 17, 95-105, 2016.

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Jang, Si Young, Lalonde, R., Ozhasoglu, C., Heron, D.E., and Huq, M.S., CyberKnife in stereotactic radiation surgery for intracranial lesions: single and multiple lesions, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 17, 184-199, 2016.

Research Grants

Faculty support on research grants is 3 percent.

01/12 – 12/15     Principal Investigator: M. Saiful Huq, American College of Radiology, American College of Radiology Formula Grant:  “Biological Modeling of Tumor Control and Normal Tissue Complication for NSCLC Treated with SABR”; $100,000