Noor Mail, PhD, DABR

  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Radiation Oncology

I provide clinical medical physics services for UPMC’s Radiation Oncology department at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, Shadyside. These services include treatment planning (IMRT, VMAT, HDR, TBI, and SRS/SBRT), quality assurance, patient QA and motion management including 4DCT and DIBH. In addition, I fully support the clinic ensuring the best standard of care for our patients. Also, my expertise in image-guided radiation therapy where the primary goal is to precisely target the tumor and minimize the irradiation of healthy tissues.

I have been teaching for more than 5 years as an Assistant professor at King Saud bin Abdulaziz Medical University for health sciences, where, I directed, and taught more than nine courses in radiation oncology physics and medical imaging. Here in the UPMC, I provide my teaching services in the department when needed.

Education & Training

  • American Board of Radiology Certification -Therapeutic Medical Physics: 2014 –Till present.
  • State University of New York – MS - Medical Physics
  • State University of New York – PhD- Medical Physics
  • QA University Islamabad – Mphil- High Energy Physics
  • Karachi University Pakistan – MSc- Nuclear Physics

Representative Publications


Carolyn MacDonald, Noor Mail and Zewu Chen, “X-ray Imaging Systems Employing Point- Focusing, Curved Monochromating Optics, US Patent # 7583789 published September 1, (2009).


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